My love for soundtrack music made me want to compose my own, so in the autumn of 2014 I started studying music theory and composition techniques for this purpose. The style that defines me it’s mostly orchestral, contemporary classical, but I am also open towards other genres like electronic and synthwave. Get notified on new releases by following me on Youtube, Soundcloud or Bandcamp – where you can also download my music.

Creative Commons

Some of my music (not all) is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This means you can use some of my music for free, without a license, for your projects.

The terms of the Creative Commons license are:

  • Attribution – You have to credit me and preferably link to
  • Non-Commercial – Projects can not be profit making, or paid work, or commercial.
  • Share-Alike – If you share your project, you must use this same license.

You need to get a license for your project/video if:

  • You are being paid to make the video or project.
  • You are making money from the video through advertising, affiliation or commission.
  • The work will be used for commercial purposes.
  • The work promotes a profit organisation.
  • The work is advertising.
  • The work will be broadcast, (including television, radio, and cinema).
  • The work is for resale, used for profit making.
  • The project is requesting or soliciting donations.

Soundtrack Music

Short films, feature length films, TV ads or games, are all welcomed projects, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Rates are calculated based on the amount of time a project will take to complete, and the use.

Projects can usually be turned around quickly, but a couple of weeks before start are welcomed.

Requested Information

  • Contact Name
  • Production Company
  • End User
  • Project Title
  • Budget
  • Delivery Date
  • Use
  • Project Description